Spinach & Chorizo Omlette

20 minutes
1 portion
3Cherry tomatoes
Equipment Needed
    1. 1 Minutes
      Chop the chorizo, and tomatoes into halves.
    2. 3 Minutes
      Fry the chorizo on a medium heat in a little oil. While you are doing that whisk up your eggs.
    3. 3 Minutes
      Add the mushrooms to the chorizo and continue to cook.
    4. 1 Minutes
      Once the mushrooms and chorizo are cooked to your liking you can add the tomatoes and spinach for a minute or two. I also like to put in a hot sauce to add a bit more spice.
    5. 5 Minutes
      Remove everything from the pan and set aside for later, then cook your omlette in the left over chorizo and hot sauce goodness, you may need to add a little extra butter or oil depending on your pan.
    6. Minutes
      Once the omlette is cooked put all your previously cooked ingredients on one side of the omlette and fold it to make a beautiful, big eggy taco.